We run a full range of marketing services across a wide spectrum of channels on your behalf, all included in our partnership commision at no further cost to you.

We are experts in Chinese digital marketing and have a wealth of experience in driving online sales in a Chinese-language environment. We use our knowledge of the Chinese marketing landscape, consumer sales pathways and local language and cultural considerations to design and manage a comprehensive digital marketing package designed to bring you sales.

Your dedicated account team takes a holistic, joined-up approach, taking care to liaise closely with you in order to plan and manage marketing efforts, to ensure adequate stock cover for significant campaigns, to set pricing appropriately for the Chinese market, and to prepare for seasonal sales patterns.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the single most effective method of sales generation in the Chinese ecommerce market.

Unineed Group works with a total of around 1,000 affiliates with established relationships built over 8 years of trading at Our Chinese office works closely with our affiliate partners to design and run sales campaigns on your behalf.

We work with around



Influencer Marketing

Known as Key Opinion Leader marketing in China, influencer marketing is another powerful sales generator.

Unineed Group works with over 500 KOL partners to drive sales on your Chinese-language site.

Organic Social

Unineed Group will establish and maintain official Chinese-language social media channels on your behalf, including WeChat, Weibo and others as required for your business.

Social media channels are a valuable low-cost method of sales generation and also serve as a customer service touchpoint.

WeChat mini-programs are a relatively new development that allows vendors to sell directly via the WeChat app. We design and build mini-programs that allow our partners to push promotions and sell directly via the app.

Baidu SEO

Unineed Group will manage search engine optimisation via Baidu on your behalf, ensuring as much free traffic as possible is driven to your Chinese-language site.

SEO is long-term approach and it will take time for your Chinese website to climb the search rankings. Once achieved, a high ranking can drive sales without incurring pay-per-click costs.

Having a localised Chinese-language website significantly boosts your SEO ranking.

Baidu PPC

Similar to Google Ads, Baidu pay-per-click drives traffic to your Chinese-language site.

Unineed Group oversees PPC advertising in the Chinese market via the Baidu Tuiguang platform, taking account of search local volumes, language and cultural considerations when choosing appropriate keywords.

Social PPC

Unineed Group will, as appropriate, run pay-per-click campaigns via the primary Chinese social media platforms including WeChat and Weibo.

Similar to paid advertising on western platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, social PPC allows for precise targeting of high-value potential customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful low-cost tool to generate sales from existing customers.

Your dedicated account team will run email marketing campaigns on your behalf using systems, databases and processes fully compliant with all local regulation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Using our knowledge of Chinese consumer behaviour, we design your Chinese-language website to maximise visitor conversion rates and turn impressions into sales.

Conversion rate optimisation in a Chinese context is likely to lead to certain differences in design choices from your domestic website. We ensure any such differences are consistent with your overall theme and brand identity.

Our Services

Web Development & Localisation

Built to overcome the challenges faced when selling to Chinese and international customers.

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Payment Gateways

Access to all major Chinese payment gateways, including AliPay, WeChat Pay and credit/debit cards.

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Receive high-volume pricing discounts, even when starting sales with low volumes.

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We translate your product catalogue and all other elements of your existing website into Chinese.

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Customer Service

Deliver high-quality customer service across all points of contact including email, chat and telephone.

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How can we help your business?

For more information about how we can help you take advantage of the worlds largest ecommerce market please contact us.

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